Thursday, 28 February 2013

Fabulising February - The Results

Hi all,
It is the last day of February and as such my Fabulising February comes to an end. It's been a busy month but I feel like I have an entirely new wardrobe for summer :)

This is the finished pile of most of the items I've finished. You haven't seen all of these as some were just quick mends such as a repaired seam, but these are all things I can now wear again! It's also extremely purple LOL

If you haven't been following all the projects, here is a recap in no particular order:

I'm so pleased with all the results! There still a few things that I have not yet finished such as a red/black checkered dress (sorry Miriam!) and some other small items. But the majority is done and my mending bag is now relatively tiny compared to before whoohoo! 

Thank you for following me through this creative month. Now it's time to make some things from scratch again :) I already have some great ideas so watch this space! Though first I need some tea...

Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Fabulising February - Men's Shirt Dress

Hi everyone!
Fabulising February is nearly over and this is the last project I have managed to complete.Tomorrow I'll post a short recap showing all the finished projects. Wanting to go out with a bang, I tackled a men's shirt that the bf bought online many years ago and forgot to return it so I wanted to make something nice out of it. Seems a waste to be throwing away a brand new shirt! Granted, it was white and while probably cotton it was very thick and stiff material. So I dyed it purple. Of course.

Once it was purple, I then had to try and do something with it. Easier said than done! I finally found a cute idea for a dress in blogland (didn't save the link though) and I really wanted to try that. But the instructions were super tricky so in the mending pile it went.

This is the shirt. Much too large even for the bf but purple at least ;) And a bit wrinkled for being in the bag for a very long time.

But with only a little time left in my Fabulising February month, I decided to give it another try. This time, without a pattern and instructions. Risky? Oh yes, but then again it couldn't really get any worse... 

I cut off the sleeves and the shoulders, and cut the rest into a dress shape. I sewed the front up so the buttons wouldn't open, and used the collar for straps. I also added the buttons that were at the end of the original collar to make it look more genuine. It came out so cute!

I love it now :)

I made the back of the strap out of the thick bit of fabric that was just underneath the collar. I forgot to take a picture of the back though but surely those will follow once I'm wearing this in summer (it's like 3C outside so definitely not wearing this right now! LOL). The sewing of the top hemline is not the best as I had to adjust it a few times, but no one is really going to notice that. I'm very pleased with this result, it's comfy and cute :) Another summer dress done!

Monday, 25 February 2013

Oscar Party 2013

Happy Oscar Night everyone!
We're ahead of the US so the Oscars were on at 1.30am last night. NOT going to happen as I do have to work during the day. Luckily we have reruns! In the spirit of last year, I have spent most the weekend cooking to make one dish per Best Picture nominee. It was a real challenge this year as there were so many countries that the food would be based on, and I only got the final menu set in the last minute. Some dishes are more original than others, but it worked and was yummy which is all that matters.

First: decorations! I made new bunting with updated templates from Hostess Blog
Napkin envelopes were also made again of course

And then for the food! An entire day of chopping and preparing meant that I only had to stick everything in the oven and serve. I had bought lots of gold paper plates to the bling and easy cleanup. It all worked wonders!
For Amour: French cornichons and saucisson as aperitif

For Les Miserables: French bread and red wine as aperitif

For Argo: vegetables with humous as aperitif

For Silver Linings Playbook: crab cakes as a starter

For Lincoln: roast root vegetables as as part of the main course

For Life of Pi: sweet and spicy potatoes as part of the main course

For Beasts of the Southern Wild: southern friend chicken as part of the main course

For Zero Dark Thirty: taboulleh as a side

I even made gold dusted white chocolate Oscar statues! Upon taking them out of the mould I did manage to decapitate some of them so they look a little wonky. But the idea is there and I now have a whole year to practice ;)

Once we had watched the red carpet while eating our lovely meal, we watched the ceremony and played Oscar Bingo, kindly provided by How About Orange. The bunny was the prize, the only golden chocolate I could find!

We had also each completed the ballot and in the end my friend who joined as well won the bingo and I won the ballot. It was all great fun again although I think we have enough food to last us for the next three days. Can you believe I cooked all of this for 3 people only? LOL. But at least I wont have to cook for a while and spend more time blogging and crafting!

Sunday, 24 February 2013

Fabulising February - Blue Top #2

Remember how yesterday I told you how I had three of those blue flowy tops? Well, I wore one on a skirt I had amended and it looked really nice. Having some spare parts of the dress-turned-skirt, I decided to make the top a perfect match for the skirt. Let me remind you of the dress turned skirt, you might remember:

This was the dress I got for £1 a long long time ago...

And it turned it into this. So far so good!

Then, the blue top as discussed (the same as yesterday)

With some fabric scraps of the dress-to-skirt project, I added the straps of the dress to the neckline, and some of the sleeve fabric to the existing pocket on the front.

Put the two together and you get this awesome result!

I'm going to be wearing this a lot in summer! It looks really nice together I think :) The draping didn't quite work on the doll as all this is stretchy, but I just know it will be great in person. Another one bites the dust!

Saturday, 23 February 2013

Fabulising February - Blue Top #1

Good evening y'all!
Ready for another project? I have so many quick fixes right now, I'm loving it! :) Today's project is about this top which has been in the mending bag for pretty much 2 years:

Is it a dress? Is it a top?

Let me explain. This top was on sale at Primark for £2 a long long time ago. It's too short to be a dress but great as a nice flowy top. Only problem with it: it's blue. Yes I would have noticed that when I bought it (duh!) so I had to adjust it so it would fit with more stuff. For a long time I didn't know what to do with it, and then suddenly I remembered this:

I bought this lovely woollen ribbon many years ago for next to nothing. I think I paid 25p a meter or something! There was a huge sale so I got a lot of it. It has blue in it but also a some greyish so adding this to the dress could work wonders.

I added the ribbon to the bottom of the top and also along the hem of the sleeves.

This is the end result. I really like this new addition

This top is actually super comfy and what I didn't tell you before: I bought 3 of them! And yes, all in the same colour, don't ask me why... I wore one in the summer and it's really lovely to wear in summer as it's quite light. And now with the added ribbon I can match it with so many more things than before :)

Friday, 22 February 2013

Fabulising February - 70s Towel Dress

Hi all!
It's time for another Fabulising February project! Quite a while ago, a lady came to the sewing group with a pile of fabric she wanted to give away as she was moving. Within said pile of fabric, I spotted a very odd looking towel fabric with purple and beige flowers on it. No one really knew what to use it for, but I just had to have it. Everyone else thought it was so ugly, they were glad to choose something else from the options given. This is the fabric, for whatever reason I love it!

Totally 70s...

So what to do with it? No, making a towel was not an option. The fabric seemed quite old and not at all nice and soft like new towels. Plus I gave away about 30 towels only a few years ago (that's what happens when two people have a lot of towels and move in together LOL, I managed to find someone who had their entire family flying in for her wedding and was desperate for towels, so I gave them to her. At least it was a good cause!). I searched online for ages for ideas and found some nice ones for a roll-up towel thingy for on the beach for example. I live in London, there is no beach and it's usually quite drab weather so that was not an option.

What was an option though, was a towel dress. Plenty of options to use that! If on holiday (with possible beach), after swimming (even in London), or just after a shower in summer. Yes I liked that idea :) Then I had to choose a design I liked. Also not an easy task but I found this shirring idea that was quite cute and simple so I got started. For some reason it then went completely wrong and ended up in the mending pile. 

But not anymore! The problem was that I had just taken the piece of fabric I was given and cut it in half. Luckily I'm not as big as the tube I ended up with so I had to recut and reshir it, and add some straps. The end result is really cute:

This is it! I'm looking forward to summer so I can wear this :)

The top white edge was actually already there, it's the top seam of the fabric and I really like how that part came out :) Since taking the picture I have actually added one additional shirring line. It is sort of empire lined so very full along the waist but it's all meant for easy and comfort so it's perfect. The bf hasn't seen it yet, I have a feeling he may not like it ;) It doesn't hang very well in the picture but it looks better in person. No, unless I'm on holidays I wont be posting that just yet LOL. But I do love my shiny new towel dress!

Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Fabulising February - Asrai Top

Hello again :)
Most of you will not know who Asrai are, so let's clear that up first. Asrai are a Dutch 'girly goth' band that I happened to stumble upon at a festival many years ago. They had one London gig and I bought a really cute tanktop at their merchandise stall. The print was adorable but somehow I never warmed to the design of the tanktop itself. I have another shirt from them which is more of a normal girly tshirt and I wear that one a lot, so I decided to change the top. Of course this decision came waaaay before actually doing something about it, so the whole project ended up in the bag.

The top on the left is another girly top I've had for a while and the neckline bothered me as it was a little tight. The top on the right is the Asrai tanktop. Ready for a makeover?

I cut out the design and sewed it onto the plain top. The neckline still bugged me, so that definitely had to go. So I cut it into a sort of boat neckline and didn't hem it for a casual effect. The result? Check it out:


I really like it now! Sometimes solutions can be so simple :) Plus it's another item finished from the bag, I'm making such good progress :)

Monday, 18 February 2013

Fabulising February - Labyrinth Bag

Hello again!
Speaking of Teefury, every few months they have a mystery sale. You just enter your size and they send you a mystery shirt from their collection of the past few weeks. Not exactly sure how it works, but basically you don't know what you're getting. And then there are swap forums etc in case you really hate it. I tried the mystery sale and being a newbie I ordered three shirts. One was great, one was so-so, and the last one put a real frown on my face. Let's put it this way, it had potential... This was the design I got:

(picture from

The colour, for starters, was really not for me. Since I bought the girly version, I got the 80s blue one. Not my colour... Apart from the colour, there was another thing that was really bothering me, and that was that Jared actually looks fat in this design! Like proper beer-belly fat. Well, we can't have that now can we? 

First I thought of swapping the shirt, but did I really want to go through all that effort, possibly sending something to the US and risking it getting lost or something? Nah... I needed another idea. Then, while making the Hellish Bag, it came to me: make another craft bag like that one! After all, one can never have too many craft bags with all those small projects going on!

I cut a square out of the top, trying to get as much of the design in as possible but with as little as possible of the beer-belly. 

I added the press studs like in the other bag too to keep the design

 This is the result! I really liked the hand with the glass ball so I made the cut there. There is still a little bit of the beer-belly, but so much less than before! I had some blue ribbon lying around so use to tie it all together. I think it came together quite nicely. 

And it's the perfect size too! The Hellish Bag is a little bit on the small side, so this Labyrinth one currently holds my medieval weaving project. But that's another story ;)

Sunday, 17 February 2013

Fabulising February - Labyrinth Top

Hi everyone!
How time flies, it's been a week since my last Fabulising February post! This week has just been so busy with Pancake Day, Valentine's Day, and the Egg Hunt! But I have my next project ready to show you here. It's been ready for a little while now but the photographing was a bit of a pain. Luckily, today I managed to get a nice picture of the final result, yay!

About 6 months ago, I discovered Teefury. If you've never heard of this, it is a T-Shirt website that sells custom t-shirts for 24 hours only. Miss it and it's gone forever. Well, from their website at least, I have since found many more similar website and all the designers submit their designs to pretty much all of them. But anyway, I didn't know that at the time. The first t-shirt I bought through them was one based on the movie Labyrinth. It was adorable. It showed the little worm and was just very cute. Then it arrived. 

The print is cute, right? But you can see that it is all crooked. This was not the way it was supposed to look! The print, while adorable, was not centered and crooked to boot. This was not the plan. So I wrote to Teefury and sent them this picture and they gracefully gave me a refund as they couldn't ship another one since the 24 hrs had passed. I could keep the shirt. 

Luckily, I am a very crafty person :)

Next stop: Primark, where I found this long-sleeve T for only £2.50. It was in pretty much the same colour and I thought why not make a longsleeve out of it? It's not summer yet and it will be a nice change with the others (that I subsequently purchased). 

So I cut out the print, and spent a good hour trying to get it completely straight and centered as to not make it look like the original I received. Once it was finally pinned to my liking, I sewed it on and taadaa! My extremely unique, one of a kind (which is unique, I know, but I'm emphasizing!) Teefury 'Allo Seasonings' t-shirt :) I am so pleased!

I wore it to my Sci-Fi group last week and no one even noticed that it was not the original design! The colour matches really well and I am so happy with it now. Doesn't it look so much better than the original above with its misprint? Now it is all straight and centered (I'm leaning a bit away from the camera here but trust me, it's centered!) and I can now wear it in public.

One more project successfully completed :) Yay!

I wore this top during the Winter Comic Con in Olympia, and got my piccie taken with Ludo! Love it :)

Saturday, 16 February 2013

Lindt Egg Hunt - The Eggs Are Back!

Hi everyone!
Good news, the eggs are back :) Remember last year's egg hunt? Well, I had a lot more time back then and spent a lot of afternoons hunting the fantastic works of art in egg shape. This time, they were only in London for six days instead of a month so I had to be quick. They're going on tour throughout the UK and they will be back but who knows what I'll be up to by then so better safe than sorry! As I also had to work, I had only this weekend to hunt them all down, there were 101 eggs to find this year. Lucky for me, they were all centralised in one location, they were all in Covent Garden. Some were in plain view, others were hidden away. The last one was quite hard to find, but I got them all except the moving egg that is being moved every day and clues are posted on Facebook. But the weather was really nice (at last!) and I actually went outside (though less time for projects). Curious yet about this year's eggs? Here is a selection of the best ones (according to me):

Dora the Explorer egg. At first I was not a fan, until I saw the back. It even had the little backpack! Too cute :)

As this year's hunt was sponsored by Lindt, there was a giant Lindt egg too :) Coincidentally, 'Eggsperts' were handing out chocolate Lindt eggs. Don't mind if I do!

And an Easter Bunny too!

I love this one, very steampunk

This one had a blue bow-tie on the other side. It made me smile :)

The paintings on this egg were just gorgeous

It was so busy! Tons of kids but also adults bought the special booklet with all the eggs in it and you could actually tick off the ones you had found. 

Magical egg this one.

Umbrella egg, I love it! Plus it was inside a shoe shop with lots of mirrors, great location :)

While looking for the eggs in Floral Street, I saw these balloon light bulbs, they're so cute!

Very cute egg

Thomas the Tank Engine egg!

I just love this shot more than the egg really, although the egg is also great, very hippy like. Eggcellent dude...

I would actually buy something like this if I'd have the money for it. This egg looked fantastic IRL

But THIS is by far my favourite. I have about 20 pictures of this I think. It is a white egg with drops of melted ice cream on it, and on top lots of ice creams. It is just amazing, am totally in love with this egg. And the picture too actually, love this shot :) *proud* Yes, that is why I put my watermark kind of in the middle, just go with it.

After about 3 hours, I had found them all. The last egg took me about half an hour to find so could have been done sooner. I had to pose with this giant Lindt Bunny statue to show you all my stamp showing that I have completed the hunt. Yay!

These are all 101 eggs (including Humpty Dumpty but excluding Eggbert). Click on the picture to get a better look!

It was great having another egg hunt in London, a big thank you to all the organisers!

UPDATE 17/02/2013:
I actually went back today to find the moving egg (Eggbert) but I looked and looked and found nothing. Oh well, maybe next month when they come back to London. But it was a great hunt yet again!
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